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Cocreation for a new soil - Youth - and the new earth..


MyHeartHouse.org is a non profit association that inspire and motivate youth and young adults to hear their inner voice, find their passion and core strength to ultimately unlock their own gift to the world. We work with awareness on many different levels to create a good soil for young people to participate and grow in. We work through emotional, mental, physical, chemical, social, extentiell and energetic levels of expression and teachings through creative outlets. We also use conversation, writings, courses, training, art, music, winwinsituations, collaborations with others and have a vision about a future school. MyHeartHouse was founded in 2012 and we recommend you to read the goals and bylaws to get a bigger picture of our beautiful vision for young people on new earth in these new times of conciousness. We are continueously updating our knowledge by letting our creative outlets, art, science and new experiences collaborate with old wisdom - to create a balanced and powerful view of life.


MyHeartHouse do have a a beacon for the artistic/communicative outlets, some basic sentences we have chosen that can be called our hallmark:


Art from the heart


Music for the soul


Words of meaning


We are honored to have you here and let us know if your heart resonates with our work.


Keep shining / MHH





Time to break through the soil and show ourselves..


For some years now MHH have been both participating and launching different projects, working in different arenas and with different collaborators. Now we feel it is time to gather ourselves on this platform so we can grow together with you.

Together we will create a meaningful, fun life..


Our outlook is based on the magic of togetherness and cocreation. To describe that in an easy way one could say it like this: A clock consists of a clockwise, a pointer, figures, a pendulum or maby a battery. Parts that have difference roles. When we put those to work together we create something magical that the parts culdn´t create separately- the ability to display time. We think cocreation with people works the same way.

We will grow and help others grow..


Growing is a flow in all directions if one opens up to it. We ALL learn from each other and life is an ongoing development. We also believe that now is the vital time to focus on the healthy, loving, sustainable, creative and fun way of living. There is no PLAN(ET) B "

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